Lumber Smith - A True Portable Sawmill

Lumber Smith Portable Sawmills Photo Gallery

Close-up of 5.5 hp Honda Engine

The Lumber Smith comes standard with a Honda GX160 gas engine
with a 6 to 1 gear reduction ratio

Lumber Smith Sawmill, Elite Model with optional Handle Bar Assembly
and Track Jacks

Sawmill, in driveway, complete with cover
Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill Elite Model with optional Handle Bar Assembly and Track Jacks

Sawmill shown with optional lift assembly
Lumber Smith sawmill with front cover off.

Close-up of the Sawmill's Idle Wheel
The Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill's Idle Wheel

Close-up of Level atop Sawmill
Leveling the Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill is a straight forward task

Close-up of Ruler against wood showing quarter inch thick cut
A quarter inch thick cut can be easily accomplished with the
Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill

Photo: Pushing the LumberSmith saw thru a squared piece of poplar.
Move through wood with constant force, not constant speed

Close-up of Lumber Smith saw slicing thru poplar
Lumber Smith Portable Sawmills make crisp, consistent cuts

Side view of Sawmill
Sideview of the Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill

Slab of Lumber
The Lumber Smith Portable Sawmill processes timber quickly



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