About Us

Image Albert, Jr. with the Elite Featherweight
Lumber Smith Portable Sawmills is a family owned company in Eastern Virginia.  It is run by Albert Pollard, Jr. whose father Albert, Sr. has designed the Lumber Smith portable sawmills.

Lumber Smith was born after Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  The Pollards had bought a portable sawmill that had gotten great reviews, but – while it was actually portable - it just wasn’t powerful enough to cut effectively.  As they shopped they found powerful mills, but they all weighed too much to be deemed “portable.”

The Pollards saw a need for true portable sawmill and Albert Sr.  - an engineer who has designed and built boats, engines, mechanical linkages, houses, clocks, docks, solar systems, electronic relay devices and the like - starting designing a sawmill.  Lumber Smith was born. 

Image Albert, Sr. with the Bantam 26
All Lumber Smith portable sawmills are marked by light weight, cutting reliability and true portability.  Along the way, we have continually revised our production process to bring prices down and drive value up.

Lumber Smith has sawmills in 49 states and over a dozen countries.  Our diverse owners might be a  wood worker, homesteader, rancher or a tree surgeon but all are attracted to our portability, unique design and excellent value.

Buy one today and become part of the Lumber Smith family.