Lumber Smith - A True Portable Sawmill

This is the Lumber Smith Contact a Saw Owner page. These saw owners have been designated as official Lumber Smith Manufacturer's Representatives. These saw owners are pleased to provide you with information related to their experience with Lumber Smith, the Lumber Smith Sawmill and wood cutting.

To place an order for a sawmill you must contact Lumber Smith at (804) 577-8613 or order on-line at . Do not provide payment or payment information of any kind to the saw owners.

To contact a saw owner, click the email address of the saw owner you wish to talk with.

Wade Stockton -Shelby, AL
Phone: 641-799-7788
Kenny Bowman - Elizabethtown, KY
Phone: 270-528-6560
Robert Nash - Hollytree, AL
Phone: 256-776-2512

Larry Warnberg, Raymond, WA
Phone: 360-942-0099
Cal (Walter) Reed, Advent, WV
Phone: 304-444-4614
Dick Haerer – Dayton, OH
Phone: 937-233-8027
Phone: 937-321-4712 cell

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Bandsaw sawmills are inherently dangerous, and must be handled accordingly. No amount of caution is unfounded. As a condition of sale, Woodwrights LLC accepts no liability for injury to persons or property beyond the purchase price of the saw.  Call (804) 577-8613 to clarify any question about our warranty. Consulting by Whichard Consulting.. Created by Webs By Sheridan